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homeIf you have ever had a dream that has kept you awake in the night and made you run around in circles during the day just to give the dream a chance to come alive, you will understand this guy!

A small dream that he saw years ago became a big passion and he has been working towards it ever since: saluting the nature from where nature gets its name. He is on a mission to make his dream come true and while he does that he will make people realize that every dream is important and every dream can come alive, if you put your heart to it.

On a backpacking trip to test his own physical and psychological limits with nothing in pocket, deliberately, he realized the wonders of nature. Disconnected from the known world, came out unscathed and a better human being because he borrowed some spirit from the people he met on the way. And now, all he carries with him is passion, hardwork, compassion, gratitude, good spirit and goodwill.

Naresh says: I am in the constant look out to give back to nature what I have received from her. Immeasurable – I know…..
…..Doable – I believe.
He values the abundance of gratitude in him, because it reflects on a ‘world’ that is kind and accommodating.

Naresh has always believed in offering the best of himself to the world because the nature has taught him that you bring nothing into the world and will take nothing from here, all you have to account for is what you do when you are HERE and NOW!

So if you understand your dreams, you have understood him!