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Why Sponsorship?

The climb of Mt.Everest is at least a sixty days journey. It takes tremendous logistical effort to climb Mt.Everest, which includes (among many other items)

  • A climbing permit from the Government of Nepal
  • “Sherpas” and Porters to carry supplies to the Base camp
  • Technical climbing equipment including Ropes, Tents etc
  • Bottled oxygen above 8000 meters
  • Food & Communication equipment
Because of the high costs we are seeking sponsors and supporters to help our expedition to achieve its goals. orporations / Individuals may agree to sponsor the climb in exchange for advertising their products and for live presentations and slide shows following the expedition.

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsoring an Everest expedition will provide your organization with multiple marketing opportunities, enabling exceptional branding exposure through a network of media contacts.

  • Opportunity for Exclusive naming rights of the Everest Expedition – Maximum brand Exposure.
  • Dispatches from the mountain posted on the internet and on multiple sites.
  • Raise your company profile and motivate your employees by supporting an adventurous & a very challenging sport activity.
  • Ensure recognition of your organization as a Believer in the power of human potential.
  • Provides product testing and endorsement opportunities for outdoor clothing and accessories.
  • Provides significant exposure to the audience interested in the fields of Exploration, Adventure, Physical challenge and    Healthy life styles.
  • Providing advertising opportunities for your organization through Logo and Company name placement in promotional material
    and equipment – before, during & post expeditions.
  • Logo and name placement on all e-mail distributions to media and dispatches from Everest.
A lot of small rocks make up a big Mountain. Following section has the details for our Sponsorship program

Sponsor a Camp


Camp Sponsorship Details

Camp Sponsor Amount Website of Sponsor
Base camp 1,00,000
Camp 1 1,50,000
Camp 2 2,00,000
Camp 3 2,50,000
Camp 4 3,00,000
Summit 4,00,000


Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Still photos and the video of the company flag and logo with the sponsored camp landscape,tents, climbing equipments and the spectacular background with countless Himalayan peaks and valleys in different directions.
  • The Company’s name and a link to the company’s website will be included besides the Camp tag on the photo above and on all slides belonging to the sponsored camp presented in slideshows and media presentations.
  • This photo will be posted on the Expedition website: www.nareshraju.com on social media networks before, during and after     the expedition.


Associate Sponsor | 1,00,000 INR

  • Your name will be displayed as an Associate sponsor on a rolling list on the Expedition website.
  • You will receive 3 High quality pictures taken while climbing in one of the four higher camps.

Gold Sponsor | 6,00,000 INR

  • Corporate Flag at Mt.Everest summit with photos and video.
  • Logo displayed at the summit and in each camp (via clothing patches).
  • Company name, logo and link will be displayed as Gold Sponsor on a highly visible spot on the expedition website.
  • Company name mentioned and logo displayed on gear patches in media coverage.
  • Logo patch on Right arm (1.5″ x 1.5″), and on some equipment or clothing.
  • Silk screen banner (10″ x 24″) with company logo placed at camps
  • Small-sized logo display at the end of public speaking presentations and Expedition final slideshow.

Platinum Sponsor | 9,00,000 INR

  • Corporate flag at Mt.Everest summit with photos and video.
  • Logo on clothing and on selected Gear.
  • Logo displayed at all media events pre and post expedition presentations.
  • Company name mentioned and logo displayed on gear patches in media coverage.
  • Company name, logo and link will be displayed as platinum sponsor on a Prime – highly visible spot on the expedition website.
  • (3″ x 3″) logo patch on selected equipment, Right Chest & Left Knee and on some clothing.
  • Silk screen banner (10″ x 24″) with company logo placed at camps.
  • Medium-sized logo display at the end of public speaking presentations and Expedition final slideshow and all promotional materials and press releases.

Our Expedition accepts only one Diamond sponsor, creating an excellent opportunity for branding and maximum media exposure.

Diamond Sponsor | 12,00,000 INR

  • Exclusive naming rights to the expedition.
  • The Company name and logo will appear on the Expedition logo.
  • A representative from the Diamond sponsor will have the full trip paid for to Everest Base Camp.
  • Corporate Flag & Logo at Mt.Everest summit with photos & video (10″ x 24″).
  • Motivational sideshow to your company after the Expedition.
  • Premium sized logo on clothing, photos & video on each camp showing the company logo and flag.
  • Premium sized logo displayed at all media events and at pre and post expedition presentation.
  • Company name mentioned and logo displayed on gear patches in media coverage.
  • Premium sized logo patches on most equipment (4″ x 4″), including backpack, Left Chest and Right knee and on some clothing.
  • Expedition photography with company corporate flag and logo during the  approach to the Everest base camp, climbing route, all camps and summit.
  • Silk screen banner placed at all camps and the summit.
  • Diamond sponsor large Logo included on ALL slides used at public speaking engagements and Expedition final slideshow, press releases and  promotional materials.
  • Company name, logo and link will be displayed as Diamond sponsor on a  prime – highly visible spot on the  Expedition website beside the Expedition Logo and climber’s pictures.